Allied Concrete partners with QPOD

QPOD introduces New Zealand's first Recycled Plastic Raft Foundation, which has been approved for use with our CodeMarked SuperSlab and SuperSlab+. This collaboration highlights our shared commitment to sustainability and innovation in construction. Together, we're revolutionising foundation systems, making them easier to install while prioritising environmental responsibility.

Sustainable, Compliant and Versatile Flooring Solution

Super Slab includes QPOD as a sustainable alternative to traditional polystyrene pod void formers within the raft foundation system. Polystyrene pods can be directly substituted for QPOD, with four pods replicating the standard 1100mm x 1100mm sqm and 220mm deep polystyrene pods.

Key benefits include:

  • Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable with zero landfill waste
  • Reduced site waste 
  • Efficient transportation and storage (pods for a 180sqm home can be transported on the back of a ute or single-axis trailer)
  • Ease of installation in windy conditions
  • A CodeMark certified plastic pod raft flooring system
  • Integrated 40mm spacer eliminates the need for mesh chairs
  • Stability - pods interlock to stay put during concrete pour and windy conditions

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