Waimea Dam approaches completion

Allied Concrete's work on the Waimea Dam near Nelson, which began in September 2019, is expected to wrap up in July 2023.

The team has completed 30,642.51m³ of the project, with approximately 1,200m³ left to go. The dam is the largest built in New Zealand in over 20 years and will secure the Tasman region's water supply for the next 100 years. It will also improve water quality, support the economy through primary industries, and provide significant economic benefits to the region.The dam will feed the Tasman region's aqua flow and keep the Lee Valley River healthier by having a consistent flow of water downstream. Allied Concrete's team has adhered to 145 environmental consents and ensured that every load is slump-tested by the client, and every pour is tested. Additionally, there have been no rejected loads or incidents that caused major harm or impacted project milestones which on a project of this magnitude is miraculous. The team completed 14 embankment face slipform pours, which averaged 350m³ per pour and took anywhere between 60 and 70 hours continuously. Despite challenging conditions and terrain, the team consistently delivered high-quality work and service.

In 2023, this project was awarded the Excellence in Concrete Infrastructure award at the Concrete NZ Nauhria Awards. The project team consists of Waimea Water, Damwatch Engineering, Allied Concrete and Fulton Hogan Taylors Joint Venture, with Allied Concrete supplying the concrete.

The dam is scheduled for final commissioning in July 2023.