O Mahurangi Penlink Project

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Project: O Mahurangi Penlink project.

Supplied: A total of 360.4 m3 of specially formulated concrete was supplied for Pile 3.


Allied Concrete is proud to be supplying concrete to the O Mahurangi Penlink project for the Wēiti River Bridge Foundation, a challenge that demands exceptional technical and logistical expertise. Our team has developed a special piling mix with a high slag content, which significantly reduces embodied carbon showing a commitment to sustainability and industry best practice. To manage the project's scale, we have strategically partnered with Firth, utilising them as a backup for the critical, large-volume pile pours.


A highlight of our contribution to date is the completion of Pile 3, the first of four massive pours and some of New Zealand's largest single-pile pours in a marine environment. This monumental pour, measuring 48 meters deep and 3 meters wide, saw Allied Concrete leading with 16 trucks, complemented by Firth's 5 trucks, ensuring seamless execution. Despite initial delays, Once begun, the Advanced Pumping team worked continuously, utilising two boom pumps to maintain a consistent flow, pumping 65m3 in the first 18 minutes alone.


O Mahurangi Penlink is being delivered by an Alliance made up of NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi, HEB Construction, Fulton Hogan, Aurecon and Tonkin + Taylor. This project not only tests our capabilities but also highlights our commitment to innovation and teamwork. A total of 360.4 m3 of specially formulated concrete was supplied for Pile 3, exemplifying our dedication to pushing the boundaries of construction technology.