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Glow With Allied Concrete's READY Glow Luminescent Aggregate Concrete

Allied Concrete's READY Glow can be used to add unique design elements and adds a functioning, self-powering renewable light source for any type of decorative concrete application.

Exposure to 40 seconds of direct sunlight produces an afterglow of over 15+ hrs. (Halogen and fluorescent lights produce glow too!)

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Where to use it
  • Driveways and pathways
  • Interior floors 
  • Patios
  • Pools and pool surrounds
  • Hardscaping and landscaping
  • Fireplaces
  • Kerbs
  • Stairs
  • Safety in low light areas
Benefits of READY Glow
  • Self-functioning light source
  • Stones charge under natural sunlight and artificial light such as halogen or fluorescent
  • Increases safety in low light areas
READY Glow Range

READY Glow Stones

Glow stones are great for large or small areas where the visual impact from a distance is important.

Size Colours
6mm - 9mm Sky Blue
11mm - 14mm Aqua Blue
  16mm - 18mm    Yellow / Green

Nb. Each aggregate size is available in both colours.

READY Glow Applications

READY Glow products can be used in various applications including but not limited to the following:

  • Hand-broadcasted/seeded onto concrete surfaces
    similar to seeding colour flakes and recycled glass.
  • Used inside of your formwork by spraying adhesive on the inside of your formwork then seeding with READY Glow stones.
  • Mixed directly into overlay mixes.

In addition, READY Glow can also be:

  • Ground and polished to any level of finish from
    external pathway 100 grit to mirror 3000 grit.
  • Sealed as you would usually seal your concrete
    projects (this product works very well with both water and solvent-based mixes).
How to Order

READY Glow is available exclusively to Allied Concrete customers only.

Stones are sold in pre-bagged 100g quantities. To order, please contact your local plant and advise at the time of concrete booking.

All READY Glow orders require a minimum lead time to supply of 5 working days, subject to availability. Orders can be collected from your local plant. 

Material Profile

READY Glow is a high performance, non-toxic, photo luminescent aggregate specifically formulated for use with decorative concrete.

Non - radioactive

  • Non-toxic and safe for use in all types of environments.

Outstanding luminosity

  • Exposure to 40 seconds of direct sunlight produces an afterglow of over 15+ hrs.
  • Exposure to daylight (indirect sunlight) for 8 minutes produces an afterglow of up to 15+ hrs.
  • Exposure to artificial light such as Halogen or Fluorescent for approximately 10 - 30 minutes produces an afterglow of up to 15+ hours.


  • The luminosity of the aggregates is dependent on actual particle size and can reach an initial intensity burst of 3612 mcd/m2 @ 1 minute and then begin degrading once removed from light source.

Stability of physical and chemical properties

  • READY Glow works between +500 degrees Celsius and -30 Degrees Celsius.
  • It is resistant to high and/or extended exposure to ultraviolet radiation and does not discolour under 300-watt high mercury lamp or 1000 hours at 35 Degrees Celsius -40 Degrees Celsius, 80% humidity.
  • READY Glow is unaffected by most chemicals and performs even in the worst outdoor conditions.
  • Ready Glow stones DO NOT expand or contract in concrete or any other substrate.