Transforming Invercargill's Inner City

25esk 2 2

Client: Amalgamated Builders Limited - ABL/Invercargill Central

Supplied: 2109m3

Location: Invercargill

In the transformative landscape of Invercargill's central business district (CBD), a remarkable redevelopment initiative spanning multiple stages has redefined the city's core, introducing a vibrant array of commercial, residential, and recreational offerings, with Allied Concrete playing a key role in the construction.

With work commenced in June 2020 and was completed by 2023, the CBD redevelopment has been divided up into stages, each with the introduction of some very exciting additions to the city's main hub. From a newly renovated movie theatre to an eclectic mix of food vendors and high-quality retailers, it will also be home to an apartment and several office spaces. The first stage, which was led by Invercargill Central Ltd, comprises 11,570m2 of newly constructed area for stores, atriums, and amenities, plus three acres of covered car parking. Stage Two opened in mid-November 2022, Stage Three in March 2023, and most recently, 25 Esk Street which opened in July 2023. The final stage, the Piazza area, is expected to be completed in late 2023. 

Alongside the CBD development sits the business tower at 25 Esk Street, which Naylor Love Central Otago and Buchan Group Architects Christchurch were in charge of making a reality. As of July 2023, this nine-storey building has become the new home of over 100 HWR head office staff, along with other office tenants on the lower floors. It also has a private apartment on the top floor and a retail space on the bottom level. HWR first opened its head office in Inglewood Street, Invercargill, in 1993 with just three people based out of the building. The first lot of concrete on 25 Esk Street was poured in April 2021, and at the completion of the build, a total of 2109m3 has been delivered, with the largest pour being the 190m3 foundation.   

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