Enhancing Queenstown's Skiing: Shadow Basin Lift at The Remarkables


Project: Shadow Basin Lift at The Remarkables Ski Field.

Supplied: over 728.60 cubic meters

Location: Queenstown

In an exciting development set to elevate the skiing and snowboarding experience in Queenstown, Allied Concrete has played a crucial role in the renovation of the Shadow Basin Lift at The Remarkables Ski Field. This upgrade promises to enhance the thrills for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts who frequent this iconic destination.


For nearly 40 years, the Shadow Basin Lift has been ferrying adventurers to the pinnacles of excitement at The Remarkables Ski Field. Recognised globally as one of the premier skiing and snowboarding resorts, this lift has been vital for accessing the thrilling slopes of Queenstown's renowned terrain.


Acknowledging the need for a significant upgrade, Doppelmayr, the renowned lift manufacturer, sought the expertise of Allied Concrete to lay the foundations for this eagerly awaited renovation. Over the past four months, Allied Concrete's dedicated team has been hard at work, delivering over 728.60 cubic meters of concrete to the resort.


The logistical challenges of the project have been immense, with Allied Concrete's trucks navigating the rugged terrain, ascending up to 1750 meters to reach the construction site. The magnitude of the task was evident in the largest pour, which totalled an impressive 82.20 cubic meters of concrete, bringing the project close to completion.


A noteworthy aspect of this project has been the collaborative effort between Allied Concrete's Queenstown and Alexandra teams. While Allied Queenstown spearheaded the project, the Alexandra Plant provided invaluable support by supplying trucks and drivers for the significant pours. This partnership highlights the strong sense of teamwork ingrained within Allied Concrete, where different branches come together seamlessly to achieve shared goals.


The anticipated benefits of the upgraded Shadow Basin Lift are significant. Once completed, it is expected to slash travel time from eight minutes to less than four, substantially increasing lift capacity from 1,500 to 2,400 riders per hour. Moreover, it will unlock access to nearly 50% more terrain across 47 hectares, offering enthusiasts an expanded playground for their skiing and snowboarding adventures.


As the project nears completion, Allied Concrete is grateful for the chance to play a pivotal role in this transformative endeavour. With the finishing touches being applied, anticipation among skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts is palpable as they eagerly await the enhanced experience that awaits them at The Remarkables Ski Field.