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Concrete is a mixture of cement, blended with water and various sized aggregates (fine and coarse). When water is added to cement, a chemical reaction occurs, forming a cementous paste that bonds the aggregates together during the curing process. After concrete takes its initial set, it continues to gain strength for months and sometimes years if moisture remains present.

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready mix concrete is concrete supplied from a specialist production plant that is designed to manufacture concrete to a wide range of strengths and varying properties to meet the design requirements of everything from residential driveways, paths, building foundations to multi-story buildings and complex infrastructures such as bridges, dams, and tunnels. 

Allied Concrete has developed a range of specific concrete mix designs that enable us to match your requirements with the performance expectations of the concrete.

Our highly experienced and qualified team carefully selects the correct coarse aggregates and sand, use the right amount of cement, water, and several different chemical admixtures to give your concrete the right properties for your given application or specification and improve ease of placement. These options are not possible with site-mixed concrete or even preblended bagged products.

Ready mix concrete is sold by the cubic metre and is delivered directly to your project in a freshly mixed state, ready to be poured and placed into the desired shape. Concrete begins to harden once mixed, however, it can remain in a plastic, workable state for up to seven hours with the use of admixtures.

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Why Use Ready Mix Concrete?

Our quality systems, together with computer-controlled weighing systems and timed mixing processes ensure that a consistent product is sent to your job. This level of production monitoring is not possible for other ways of making concrete on site. 

The flexibility that comes from the use of a range of admixtures to optimize the properties of your concrete also require precise measurement of product volumes and repeatable mixing sequences that are impossible to replicate any other way.

We deliver to site the exact volume of concrete that you require based on the information provided, reducing the likelihood of waste concrete and the risk of leftover materials entering stormwater systems, streams, and rivers.

Why Choose Allied Concrete?

Allied Concrete is committed to quality, with plants independently audited to ensure we meet all of the quality requirements of the various New Zealand Standards for concrete quality.

Allied Concrete operates several strategically located plants across New Zealand. Our highly experienced team offers professional and friendly service, combined with real-time delivery tracking via our concrete management app, My Concrete, Allied Concrete are your local ready mix experts. 

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