Waimea Dam

Waimea Dam Embankment Face 2

Client: Waimea Water

Location: Nelson


The largest dam built in New Zealand for more than 20 years, Allied Concrete’s work on the Waimea Dam near Nelson wrapped up in July 2022, having started on the project back in September 2019. Since the team began, more than 25,000m³ have been completed.

The Waimea Dam will secure the Tasman region’s water supply for the next 100 years, improve water quality, strengthen the economy through primary industries and provide significant economic benefit to the region. It will also feed the Tasman region’s aqua flow and keep the Lee Valley River healthier by having a consistent flow of water flow downstream.  

Over the course of the job, roughly 3542 loads of concrete have been moved to the dam, there have been no rejected loads, MTIs or LTIs and 14 staff work on the job across both day and night shifts. The embankment face slipform pours in particular are hefty jobs. These pours start on a Tuesday morning at 6am and finish 55-60 hours later, on either the Thursday or Friday depending on how everything goes, these are continuous 24 hours a day running two shifts. 

Under challenging conditions and terrain, the team has consistently delivered high quality work and service, including adhering to 145 environmental consents, every load being slump tested by the client and every pour tested.

The project is expected to wrap up in February 2023.