Quality Control

Concrete Quality Control Testing - Allied Concrete

Allied Concrete is a member of the New Zealand Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NZRMCA).

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All concrete produced by Allied Concrete meets or exceeds the requirements set out in the applicable New Zealand Standards, 3104 and 3109. All plants are audited under the New Zealand Ready Mixed Concrete Association plant-auditing scheme, which includes routine audits by external auditors to confirm production and testing procedures.

This scheme aims to provide independent verification that all plants graded under the scheme, produce concrete in compliance with the requirements. Allied Concrete has a dedicated technical team that assists plants and clients with technical issues on concrete mix design, specification, production and placement.

The Audit Scheme is ISO 9001 which means:

  • The ISO 9001 certification of the Plant Audit Scheme means that the systems and procedures of the Plant Audit Scheme have been audited and found to be satisfactory according to an internationally recognised standard.
  • It means that the Plant Audit Scheme itself has been judged to have effective systems and controls.
  • Customers of audited plants can have confidence that their suppliers' concrete manufacturing processes have been checked by a body with ISO approved systems.
  • Concrete supplied from an audited ready mixed concrete plant is of consistently high quality and meets all local authority requirements.
  • Allied Concrete Plant Engineers routinely monitor all plants to ensure continuing compliance with all relevant standards.