Harapaki Wind Farm

Harapaki Peter Stringer

Client: Hicks Construction and Spartan Construction

Location: Maungaharuru Range, Hawke’s Bay


A project of Meridian Energy, Harapaki will be New Zealand’s second-largest wind farm with 41 turbines generating 176 MW of renewable energy, enough to power over 70,000 average households. The construction will take around three years and is expected to create 260 new jobs.


This project brings together Allied Concrete with a familiar combination of clients, in Hicks Construction and Spartan Construction out of the Waikato. 


We will be completing work on the 41 turbines. Working at 1000m high, the team expects to see a bit of snow from time to time – and being a wind farm, possibly some wind as well.


Work began in March 2022, with Allied Concrete’s team continuing sporadically through autumn and winter, the with the bulk of the work taking place in spring and summer 2022/2023.