Ecrete™: Innovative Low Carbon Concrete for Sustainable Building 

Building a Low Carbon Future with Ecrete™ - Sustainable Concrete Solutions for New Zealand 

As we move towards a brighter and more sustainable future for Aotearoa New Zealand, it's crucial to consider every aspect of our building practices. At Allied Concrete, we are taking significant steps every day to reduce our carbon footprint and create a better environment for future generations. Introducing Ecrete™ - our revolutionary concrete mix designed to dramatically reduce carbon impact while maintaining exceptional strength and durability. With its cutting-edge formula and environmentally friendly properties, Ecrete™ leads the way in sustainable building practices for New Zealand. 


Innovative Low Carbon Concrete:

Ecrete™ is a revolutionary concrete mix engineered to reduce carbon impact without compromising on strength and durability. Our cutting-edge formula incorporates various methods, including the use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), lower carbon cement made in New Zealand, sustainable aggregate sourcing, and other initiatives. These methods are location-dependent and may change the features and benefits of Ecrete™ depending on the mix design you are getting. 

Reduced CO₂ Emissions:

Ecrete™ reduces CO₂ by 10-50%*, contributing significantly to your project's sustainability goals. For even greater carbon reduction, opt for Ecrete™ Plus, a bespoke carbon-reduced mix made by our technical team to meet your specific requirements. Ecrete™ Plus can reduce CO₂ beyond 50% and is designed to maintain the strength, flowability, and finishing standard you need. 

Ecrete mix CO2 Reduction Table




Ecrete™ EPD on Demand:  

Every project specifying Ecrete™ now benefits from a third-party verified EPD, ensuring accurate CO₂ reduction numbers tailored to your project's specific needs. This is a significant advancement in our commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility. 

Contact our team today to receive your project specific EPD.


Benefits of Ecrete: 

  • Flexible, Location-Specific Mixes: Depending on the location, Ecrete™ employs various sustainable practices, including the use of SCMs, lower carbon cement made in New Zealand, and region-specific aggregates, to achieve optimal carbon reduction. 
  • Nationwide Availability: Ecrete™ is accessible from any Allied Concrete plant nationwide, making sustainable concrete solutions available for projects across New Zealand. 
  • Transparent and Responsible: Our CO₂ reduction values are calculated based on the ISC baseline, providing a clear and honest representation of our environmental impact, avoiding any form of greenwashing. 
  • Sustainability Certifications: Using Ecrete™ can significantly contribute towards achieving Green Star, Homestar, and Greenroads certifications, making your projects more sustainable and environmentally responsible. 

Join Us in Building a Sustainable Future:

Choose Ecrete™ for your next project and contribute to a more sustainable New Zealand, ensuring long-lasting, high-quality, and environmentally responsible concrete solutions.

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