Isaac's Hot Mix Plant

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Client: Isaacs/Liddell Contracting

Location: Christchurch

The Isaac's hot mix plant (asphalt production) stands as a pioneering endeavor, driven by a vision to construct a cutting-edge facility that meets the ever-growing demands of the Canterbury region's infrastructure. This ambitious project is not only set to revolutionize asphalt production but also embraces sustainability at its core. The incorporation of advanced technologies promises a substantial reduction in CO₂ emissions, significant energy savings, and the adoption of sustainable material solutions. As a result, the Isaac Group is leading the charge towards a more eco-conscious and environmentally responsible future, setting a shining example for the construction industry. At Allied Concrete, we were honored to be selected as the preferred partner for this groundbreaking development, providing our innovative Ecrete low carbon concrete solutions to complement the plant's sustainability goals

Project scope:

The scope of the project entails the construction of foundation and apron concrete pours, a critical aspect of the development's infrastructure. With our pioneering Ecrete low carbon concrete options, we aimed to not only meet the project's demanding specifications but also make a positive impact on the environment.

Low Carbon Concrete - Ecrete:

Ecrete stands at the forefront of sustainable concrete solutions, specially developed by Allied Concrete to reduce carbon footprints without compromising on quality or durability. When Isaac Group discovered our low carbon concrete options showcased on our website, they knew they had found the perfect match for their environmentally-conscious project.

For the Isaac Group hot mix plant, we utilized two specific Ecrete mixes from our product range: E30-2519 and E30-3019, each boasting an impressive 30% carbon reduction compared to standard concrete. These tailor-made mixes not only aligned perfectly with the project's sustainability goals but also offered exceptional workability and durability, making them ideal for constructing the plant's foundation and apron.

To ensure the project's seamless execution, we joined forces with Ashby's Ready Mixed, combining our expertise and resources. This collaboration allowed us to meet the unique requirements of the development, delivering a total of 450m³ (equivalent to approximately 81 loads) of low carbon Ecrete.

As a result of our commitment to sustainability and innovation, the Isaac Group hot mix plant now stands as a testament to the positive impact of low carbon concrete on the environment. Through the use of Ecrete, Allied Concrete continues to drive positive change in the construction industry by providing solutions that are both environmentally conscious and technologically advanced.


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