SuperSlab+: Insulated Concrete Slabs

The Future of Sustainable Foundations 

Designing with SuperSlab+: Now More Versatile Than Ever 

Allied Concrete's SuperSlab+ system sets the industry benchmark for insulated foundation solutions, offering unparalleled thermal efficiency, robust durability, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Certified by CodeMark and appraised by BRANZ, SuperSlab+ exceeds the rigorous R-value requirements of the H1 building code, ensuring your construction projects are not just compliant but ahead of industry standards.

QuickSet: The Pinnacle of Insulation Technology 

QuickSet remains the cornerstone of our SuperSlab+ offering, providing the highest level of thermal insulation and environmental sustainability for projects that demand the very best. Its cutting-edge design and superior performance make QuickSet the ideal choice for those seeking to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.


Introducing QuickEdge: The Smart, Flexible Alternative 

In our ongoing effort to meet our clients' diverse needs, we are thrilled to introduce QuickEdge, a new addition to the SuperSlab+ family. From its flawless integration with traditional boxing methods and existing hold-down arrangements to its exceptional cost-effectiveness and superior durability, QuickEdge is the solution that respects the past while building for the future. Learn how its installation-ready nature post-installation represents a significant step forward in construction efficiency.


Sustainability at the Core: QPOD and Ecrete 

At Allied Concrete, we believe in building a sustainable future. That's why SuperSlab+, QuickSet, and QuickEdge are compatible with innovative products like QPOD and Ecrete, enhancing your project's environmental credentials. QPOD, a recyclable and lightweight footing system, reduces concrete usage and minimizes waste, while Ecrete, a low-carbon concrete alternative, significantly lowers your construction project's carbon footprint. Together, these solutions represent our commitment to sustainable building practices, offering a path to greener, more efficient construction.



Choose What Suits Your Project Best 

Whether you opt for QuickSet's unparalleled insulation performance, QuickEdge's cost-efficiency and flexibility, or QPOD and Ecrete for a greener build, SuperSlab+ provides a tailored solution. Each option within the SuperSlab+ system reflects our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, ensuring the foundation of your project is built on excellence.

Discover the SuperSlab+ Difference 

Learn how SuperSlab+, enriched with QuickSet, QuickEdge, QPOD, and Ecrete, can elevate the sustainability and efficiency of your next construction project. For more detailed information and guides, or to request a quote, visit our website or contact our expert team. At Allied Concrete, we're dedicated to supporting your success with innovative solutions for today's building challenges.


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