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Experience Unmatched Thermal R-Ratings and Durability with SuperSlab+

Looking for a foundation solution that will make your new home or building warmer, drier, and healthier? Look no further than Allied Concrete’s SuperSlab+. By combining the collective strength of Allied Concrete and QuickSet this groundbreaking solution delivers edge-insulated concrete foundations that exceed minimum performance standards, ensuring that you receive a superior product that provides exceptional thermal performance while reducing energy consumption.

CodeMark certified and BRANZ appraised, SuperSlab+ is specifically designed to meet the latest R-value requirements according to the H1 building code. This means that you can be confident that your foundation will provide unparalleled thermal performance, keeping your home or building warm and dry all year round.

But SuperSlab+ doesn’t just deliver exceptional performance – it also embodies Allied Concrete’s unwavering commitment to the environment. By integrating sustainable technologies like Ecrete™ and QPOD, SuperSlab+ becomes the epitome of eco-friendly flooring solutions in the market.

Through our extensive expertise and collaborations with industry leaders, we have developed a solution that addresses the ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly products in the construction industry. Whether you seek a high-performance solution for your upcoming project or desire a flooring option that aligns with your sustainability goals, SuperSlab+ is the definitive answer you’ve been searching for.


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What are H1 changes?

These requirements are set out in clause H1 Energy Efficiency of the New Zealand Building Code, which is commonly referred to as H1 changes. Simply put, these changes specify minimum insulation requirements for new housing.

When it comes to floor foundations like concrete slabs, most will require edge insulation at a minimum and those with underfloor heating will require both edge and base insulation. The required level of thermal insulation, measured in R values, depends on the location of the construction site within New Zealand. This is because the country is separated into six separate zones, with different minimum R values for each zone. The R value required for a foundation also varies depending on whether or not underfloor heating is included.

Despite the complexity of these requirements, you don't need to stress about them. At Allied Concrete, we are on top of the H1 changes and will ensure that your flooring system meets or exceeds the minimum performance standards. So, if you are planning to build a new home or building, trust Allied Concrete's SuperSlab+ to provide the right edge-insulated concrete foundation solution that will make your building project warmer, drier, healthier and energy efficient. 

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We’ve got a super quick solution at the ready. SuperSlab+ is the complete solution to meet all H1 changes.

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