H1 Compliant SuperSlab+ FAQs

Can anyone build a SuperSlab+ floor?

Yes, any qualified LBP builder can build a SuperSlab floor.

Is the SuperSlab+ system BRANZ appraised?

Yes, SuperSlab+ is BRANZ appraised and CodeMark certified when used on TC1 land.  When building on ground other than TC1, a SED will be required and PS1 and PS4 documentation will be required when lodging a consent. Allied Concrete can assist with this through its engineering service.

What size topping slabs can SuperSlab+ be used with?

When building on good ground SuperSlab with QPOD may be slightly more expensive than using traditional polystyrene pods, however costs can be offset with the reduction in environmental footprint, transportation and storage costs combined with speed of installation.

Can the SuperSlab+ system be used with any size pods?

Yes, this system allows the use of the QPOD plastic pod system or either 220mm, 300mm poly pods.

Is Allied Concrete able to design my insulated SuperSlab+?

Yes, Allied Concrete has a national engineering service who can provide either a drafting service for a CodeMark floor when used on TC1 land or a SED with a PS1 for consenting purposes. This service takes 5 business days from receiving the design request and requires Allied Concrete to have a copy of your floor plans, a site-specific soil test and a truss layout.

Send on an enquiry [email protected] and the team will come back with the information needed.

Can underfloor heating be used with SuperSlab+?

Yes, when using underfloor heating Allied Concrete recommends a minimum of 120mm cover with your topping slab. When including underfloor heating, we recommend the use of QPOD.

How do I know my SuperSlab+ system will comply with H1?

All SuperSlab+ foundations comply with the upcoming changes to the building code (known as H1 changes). These changes affect the R value of foundations.

Use the thermal calculator and enter in some size details about your project, and the calculator will recommend the correct system solution to match the climate zone and size of the project you are building.

What are the main advantages of SuperSlab+ vs its competitors?

  • No need to strip boxing
  • Pre-finished board with a 50-year durability assessment (other offerings only have 15 years)
  • No coating of the outside of the board required
  • Due to independent testing QuickSet allows for a 6mm overhang when using a 90mm bottom plate while others require 140mm bottom plate to achieve the same result. This is a significant saving especially when building with brick

Can we do an estimate for pods, spacers and the QuickSet system?

Yes, Allied Concrete can provide you an estimate based on your project plans. Simply provide us a copy of your plans along with any site specific soil report you may have. There is no charge for this.

Do I have to use polystyrene pods when using SuperSlab+?

No. Allied Concrete has partnered with New Zealand company QPOD, that manufacture and supply recycled plastic pods as an alternative to polystyrene pods. To find out more please refer to the Allied Concrete website or www.qpod.co.nz

What are H1 changes?

These requirements are set out in clause H1 Energy Efficiency of the New Zealand Building Code, which is commonly referred to as H1 changes. Simply put, these changes specify minimum insulation requirements for new housing.

When it comes to floor foundations like concrete slabs, most will require edge insulation at a minimum and those with underfloor heating will require both edge and base insulation. The required level of thermal insulation, measured in R values, depends on the location of the construction site within New Zealand. This is because the country is separated into six separate zones, with different minimum R values for each zone. The R value required for a foundation also varies depending on whether or not underfloor heating is included.

Despite the complexity of these requirements, you don't need to stress about them. At Allied Concrete, we are on top of the H1 changes and will ensure that your flooring system meets or exceeds the minimum performance standards. So, if you are planning to build a new home or building, trust Allied Concrete's SuperSlab+ to provide the right edge-insulated concrete foundation solution that will make your building project warmer, drier, healthier and energy efficient. 

What is QuickEdge, and how does it differ from other insulation solutions?

QuickEdge is an innovative edge insulation solution designed specifically for foundation work. Unlike other traditional insulation methods, QuickEdge does not require painting or plastering after construction.

Can QuickEdge be used with traditional formwork systems?

Yes, QuickEdge is specifically engineered to be compatible with traditional formwork, making it easy to incorporate into existing construction processes without the need for specialized equipment or techniques.

What thermal properties does QuickEdge offer?

QuickEdge offers thermal properties comparable to other QuickSet products. QuickEdge Taper and QuickEdge Ultra match the thermal performance of QuickSet Taper and QuickSet Ultra, while QuickEdge Brick slightly differs but still maintains high efficiency.

Is QuickEdge compatible with other Allied Concrete products?

Yes, QuickEdge seamlessly integrates with other Allied Concrete products, ensuring consistency and compatibility throughout the construction process.

Are there any size options available for QuickEdge?

Yes, QuickEdge is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 305mm to 600mm, allowing flexibility to meet the diverse requirements of different projects.