Transpower Pylon Upgrade

Alexandra Brach Transpower

Client: Transpower New Zealand 

Location: Alexandra, New Zealand

Product Supplied: 50m3 of 25 MPa 

Our Alexandra team have been managing a large contract for Transpower New Zealand to upgrade the power pylons. Stage one commenced in February and stage two will continue after winter to upgrade pylons over the Danseys Pass, north of Naseby in Central Otago. 

Stage one of this contract will require approximately 50m3 of 25Mpa steel fibre concrete per day for the next three months dependent on weather conditions. There will undoubtedly be testing conditions such as frost, rain or snow which could limit access to some of the more challenging sites which the team will have to assess and manage accordingly. This also includes the consideration to evaluate what plant the concrete is dispatched from or the possibility to set up a mobile plant due to the distance of some aspects of the project from the Alexandra plant.  

Pictured is truck #400 with driver Steve Hunter delivering concrete to a pylon during stage one.