Celebrating a Half-Century of Dedication at Allied Concrete!

Resized Neville Bremner Staff Image

In a truly special celebration last week, Allied Concrete honoured an exceptional milestone – Neville Bremner's 50th work anniversary with the company. Neville's remarkable journey and outstanding contributions were acknowledged by colleagues Simon Elliotte, Craig Odell, and Gavin Magrath, who joined the Wanaka team to mark this momentous occasion.

Nev, as he is fondly known, has shown dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to Allied Concrete. His journey with the company mirrors the growth and achievements that have defined Allied Concrete over the past five decades. Neville joined us as a driver decades ago and has operated a fleet of trucks in his tenure with the company.

In recognizing Neville Bremner's extraordinary 50th work anniversary at Allied Concrete, we stand witness to a remarkable journey that exemplifies diverse talents and unwavering dedication within our company. 

As a token of appreciation for Neville's five decades of service, Allied Concrete proudly presented him with a well-deserved Long-Term Service Award, an accompanying certificate, and a dinner out— an additional gesture to make this milestone truly special. This tradition echoes our commitment to recognizing and honouring the invaluable contributions of our longstanding team members. Neville has also been honoured with the HWR 50-year bonus reward, further acknowledging his remarkable dedication and loyalty throughout his half-century tenure.

The accompanying lunch shout, a cherished tradition extended to all employees within the company, exemplifies our commitment to fostering a sense of camaraderie and gratitude among our workforce. This gesture not only celebrates Neville's exceptional milestone but also reinforces the value Allied Concrete places on its longstanding team members.

As we raise a toast to Neville's incredible journey, we also anticipate many more years of shared success and collaborative accomplishments. His dedication is a beacon for all, guiding us towards a future filled with continued achievements and milestones.

Congratulations, Neville Bremner, on 50 years of excellence at Allied Concrete – an achievement that truly deserves the highest praise and celebration!