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Ecrete | Low Carbon Concrete

As we move towards a brighter and more sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand, it’s important that we consider all aspects of our building practices. Every day, Allied Concrete are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and create a better future for generations to come. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Ecrete™ - an innovative concrete mix designed to reduce carbon impact without compromising on strength and durability. With its cutting-edge formula and environmentally friendly properties, Ecrete™ is paving the way for sustainable building practices in New Zealand.




SuperSlab+ is an innovative edge-insulated concrete foundation solution. With CodeMark certification and BRANZ appraisal, SuperSlab+ is specifically designed to meet the latest R-value requirements outlined in the H1 building code, offering unparalleled thermal performance while reducing energy consumption.
SuperSlab+ takes its environmental commitment to the next level when combined with our eco-conscious technologies like Ecrete™ and QPOD, a sustainable alternative to traditional polystyrene pod void made with recycled materials. By integrating these sustainable components, SuperSlab+ becomes the epitome of eco-friendly flooring solutions in the market.



There are many benefits of READY Floor, including the use of recycled steel fibres, allowing a reduction of CO² emissions and energy consumption of up to 12% when compared to standard mesh solutions.

READY Floor is easy to place, faster to build, and proven to work. Applications include any lightly loaded groud slab built on 'good ground'.

READY Floor concrete arrives on site pre-reinforced with no additional mesh required as fibres are added to the mix during batching at the plant. This saves significant time and disruption on site for contractors, and by eliminating traditional steel mesh reinforcing, READY Floor can provide a 20% efficiency in build costs.

For more information, visit our READY Floor product page.