Nelson Port Combi-Floor Pour

Our Nelson Team supplied 724m3 of concrete for a new industrial floor at a Nelson Port location.

To meet the demand for a highly durable floor that was not susceptible to cracking, a specific engineered designed floor was required which utilised both traditional steel mesh laid prior to the concrete being poured, and steel fibres mixed into the concrete itself.

Using steel fibres in industrial concrete floors offer significant benefits as the fibres are evenly distributed throughout the concrete, resulting in the every part of the being actively reinforced.

Allied Concrete were the preferred supplier for this project and were able to supply a steel fibre reinforced concrete mix as per the engineers design. The pre-reinforced concrete arrives on site with no additonal mesh needed, as fibres are added to the mix during batching at the plant, saving significant time and disruption on site. Combi floors are a efficient and effective solution for industrial floors that receive high use and are low maintainence.