Mahoenui Mansion

Decorative Driveways - Exposed Concrete | Allied Concrete

Our Auckland Team were provided with the challenge of producing a white exposed aggregate mix for a less than typical driveway as requested by the client.

The location for the project was at none other than the stunning Mahoenui Mansion, located in Coatesville, Auckland. The property sits on 22.6 hectares of land with the four level mansion itself occupying 2375m2  of land.

Allied Concrete’s Technical, Sales and Operations staff worked alongside the team at Concrete and Construction who managed the project, placing and finishing of the concrete driveway. Allied Concrete embraced the challenge and used our technical expertise and capabilities to produce a complete custom mix of lime chip with titanium oxide to create a truly unique and spectacular driveway. Sample slabs were provided to the client who was extremely pleased with the effort and visual appeal of the mix.

Supplying nearly 1,000m3 of concrete to the project, this was no ordinary sized driveway!

You guys went the extra mile when all other companies failed to get past the first step” - Paul Hagenson, Concrete and Construction

The finished product exceeded the client’s expectations and is a testament of how Allied Concrete make hard easy.