9,600sqm Commercial Warehouse PT Slab - Auckland

Commercial Warehouse Pour - Pump - Allied Concrete

Allied Concrete were tasked in supplying Conslab for the construction of a large commercial warehouse for Auckland International Airport Ltd, with construction managed by Macrennie.

At nearly 10,000sqm the warehouse features four 180mm thick post tensioned (PT) concrete floor slabs, requiring a total of over 1,700m3 of high strength 40MPa concrete.

The initial two pours were carried out on consecutive days totalling 871m3, supplied by 14 trucks from Allied Concrete’s Penrose Plant. Staff worked collaboratively and efficiently to ensure consistent quality of product and delivery to site.

Technical requirements for large PT slabs were met by Allied’s onsite Technicians who also liaised with plant batching staff on product consistency throughout each pour. Pre-pour meetings between key project stakeholders enabled seamless and safe delivery to site.

Trucks maintained 5min intervals during the third pour of 410m3, even during periods of high traffic congestion which is a testament to Allied Concrete’s driver’s, dispatch and batching teams. Regular supply during the entire pour enabled Conslab’s finishing team to maintain a high-quality finish across the slab.

Much like previous pours, the fourth and final pour began at 1am to mitigate the risk of cracking, with 450m3 of concrete supplied.

Overall, this project was very successful with Allied Concrete maintaining their reputation for high service standards and technical expertise. Allied’s strong working relationship with Conslab and other supply partners provided confidence to the client and exceeded expectations.