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Managing Your Concrete Orders

Guide to Managing Concrete Orders - Allied Concrete

Dispatch Guidelines

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the very best service possible on all ready mix concrete orders we receive. We understand that the ability of our customers to effectively schedule concrete orders is critical to their productivity and efficiency. In order to better serve all our customers, we have created this set of Dispatch Guidelines. By creating and implementing these policies, we strive to make the most effective use of our resources in order to exceed your performance expectations.

Our Goals
  • Be Straight-forward and honest.
  • Deliver the service we promise; not make promises we can't keep.
  • Value you as a customer and help you be more efficient and profitable in the marketplace.
  • Deliver our products on time and in spec.
  • To efficiently utilize our entire fleet.
  • Reliable, on time, and consistent service is our constant goal.
Service Standards

Once an order is taken, we are committed to servicing that order. Any order change which varies the rate or quantity of the original order may affect your service as well as those scheduled after you.

Late Orders/Advance Notice

We encourage you to place orders as soon as possible, so that we may schedule and provide on time deliveries.
Cancellation of a firm order must be made at least three hours before delivery time. Booked orders that are cancelled or pushed back within three hours of the scheduled delivery time may be subject to charges.

Maximum Quantity

To provide you with the best possible service, we need to know the "Maximum Quantity" of concrete your job will require. Your commitment to this volume ensures our commitment to deliver it on time and in spec. Any substantial amount over the "Maximum Quantity" may result in longer delivery times.

Measures and Extra Measures

We understand that occasionally there will be a miscalculation and we expect an 'occasional' balance load. Additional balance loads will be subject to truck availability.
It is not the drivers' responsibility to call your measure through. We cannot guarantee accuracy of measures not called though on the phone.

Placing Your Order, Be Prepared

When placing your order it is imperative that you have all the required information. Give correct address and explicit delivery instructions. Please share any special circumstances that may affect unloading times.
Be ready to provide all of the following information;

  • Account name
  • Project name
  • Accurate delivery address and any required directions/instructions
  • Contact person ON SITE
  • Details of placer/layer and pumper
  • Site pour method - eg. via pump or barrow
  • Purchase order number
  • Mix and slump
  • Order quantity and hold quantity
  • Delivery time and truck Spacing
  • Any associated products you require
Confirmation of Orders

Orders MUST be confirmed 24 hours before scheduled delivery time, otherwise they are subject to rescheduling to a time when we will be able to service it.
Orders before 9:00am will need to be confirmed before 3:00pm the previous day otherwise service cannot be guaranteed for the time that you have booked.
If the customer is unable to place the concrete at the ordered rate, the customer is expected to call the dispatch office and inform them of the fact.

Contact Details:

Auckland Dispatch
09 571 4350
[email protected]

Christchurch Dispatch
03 348 8329
[email protected]

All other areas call 0800 4 ALLIED to be put through to your nearest branch


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