Super Slab QPOD FAQs

What is Super Slab?

Super Slab is an evolution of the raft foundation system using eco-friendly recycled pods in place of traditional polystyrene, available exclusively from Allied Concrete.

Can I switch out my existing Super Slab floor to using Super Slab QPOD?

Yes, QPOD is a direct replacement for 1100mm x 1100mm x 220mm traditional polystyrene pods and can easily be substituted without the need for an engineered design when building on good ground as per NZS3604.
Refer to the Super Slab Technical Manual available at in the Technical Resources section. 

How does Super Slab QPOD compare in cost to using the current Super Slab system?

When building on good ground Super Slab QPOD may be slightly more expensive than using traditional polystyrene pods, however costs can be offset with the reduction in environmental footprint, transportation and storage costs combined with speed of installation.

Is the system BRANZ Appraised and CodeMark Certified?

Yes, Super Slab is the only sustainable CodeMark Certified raft foundation system in the market.

Can I use standard concrete, or does it require a special mix?

When building on good ground Super Slab QPOD requires two specific mixes: 202CSS (20MPa mix), 252CSS (25MPa mix), available in both 13mm and 19mm aggregates, both suitable for a 100mm line pump.
Refer to the Super Slab Technical Manual, available in Technical resources section. 

Is it Faster to Install than a Standard Super Slab?

Yes, the unique interlocking pods and spacers make installation faster than using polystyrene pods.

Does Super Slab QPOD use more concrete?

The QPOD system uses slightly more concrete than the current system.

Can Super Slab QPOD be used on a sloping site?

Yes, however this will require a specific engineered design.

Are the pods easy to transport?

Yes, the pods can be stacked for delivery and storage. A 180sqm floor able to be transported on a single axle trailer or the back of a Ute.

Can a decorative concrete finish be achieved with Super Slab QPOD?

Yes, both specific mixes can be either polished or incorporate colour to provide the desired look for your space.

Does it have an improved R-Value?

The R value is a function of the slab geometry. Super Slab QPOD floors provide improved R value and thermal mass both of which contribute to a warmer floor. To further improve the R value, Super Slab Warm-edge perimeter insulation can be included in the design using a Magroc Insulfound System (refer to Allied Super Slab Technical Manual Section 7.0).

Does Super Slab QPOD carry an environmental certification?

Allied Concrete has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a independent and verified life cycle assessment on the environmental impact associated with the production of ready mixed concrete. Allied Concrete was the first company in New Zealand to hold an EPD.

Can the pods be recycled?

Yes, QPODs are made from recycled material and 100% recyclable.

Where is the QPOD system available?

Super Slab QPOD is available throughout New Zealand. Please contact your local Allied Concrete plant to find out more; 0800 4 ALLIED.

Can you do an estimate for pods, spacers and concrete volume?

Yes, Allied Concrete can supply you with an estimate of the number of pods, spacers and the volume of concrete required. All we need is an email copy of your floor plan. There is no charge for this.

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