READY Super Slab

Raft Slab Concrete Foundation - Super Slab - Allied Concrete

An engineered raft flooring system that offers real benefits over a conventional concrete slab!

READY Super Slab is an above ground engineered flooring system, commonly known as a rib raft foundation, pod floor, waffle slab or floating foundation, that delivers real benefits over a conventional concrete floor and foundations.

A grillage of beams within the concrete slab provides a stiffer and stronger final product than a conventional 100mm concrete slab, and because of its inherent strength a deepened perimeter footing can usually be omitted.

Where to use it?

READY Super Slab can be used on all ground conditions regardless of your land classification, including:

  • Residential foundation and floor slabs 
  • Shed floors
  • Small commercial buildings
  • Warehouses

 Benefits include:

READY Super Slab has the following benefits over conventional floors and foundations:

  • Faster installation
  • Minimal Excavation
  • Low soil-bearing capabilities (perfect for soft ground)
  • Thermally insulated
  • Makes service installation easy!

BRANZ and CodeMark

READY Super Slab has a BRANZ apprasial and is now CodeMark Certified. Having a CodeMark Certification means building consent authorities will accept READY Super Slab as complying with the New Zealand Building Code (when used as specified in the CodeMark certificate). You will still need to apply for building consent, however the CodeMark means no delays at council.

Documents required as per CodeMark specification:

  • Allied READY Super Slab Technical Manual
  • CodeMark Certificate of Conformity
  • BRANZ Appraisal 

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