Our Team

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People Development

Our people are our competitive advantage. They keep the wheels turning every day and are critical to the success of the business. We continue to invest in developing our people to ensure they have the skills and competencies to carry out their roles efficiently and safely. Developing leadership and innovative thinking are critical areas of focus for us.


A multitude of career pathways is offered for people who have the aspiration and drive to succeed. No matter where our people start within the business, there will be a pathway for them. We have a diverse range of operations that allow for career progression to occur within our specific business divisions or across the entire HWR Group, and many qualifications can be obtained while working within the business.


The development of existing staff and their families is essential to us. Enabling them to grow their capability is a key objective. To assist us in continuing to attain this objective, we are committed to financially supporting staff and their families interested in furthering their careers through tertiary education.

Driver Training

We see driving as a progressive and prosperous career. Our drivers are the backbone of our industry. We believe in hands-on teaching techniques in a learning environment that inspires and excites. Since 2002 we have been cultivating our driver training students New Zealand-wide through our registered and accredited Driver Trainers.


Our expert Driver Trainers are registered and accredited Driver Instructors and are an Approved Course provider with New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). There are nine qualified Driver Instructors, delivering driver training and assessments throughout New Zealand. All our Driver Trainers are experienced and skilled operators who continue to operate all types of trucks and machinery regularly.

All our Driver Trainers are NZTA approved and are qualified workplace assessors for MITO, Connexis and Competenz. All Driver Instructors are also qualified Defensive Driving Course Managers, for the delivery of the Defensive Driving Programme for Experienced Drivers.

  • In-cab driver assessments
  • In-cab driver training
  • Class 2 - Class 5 heavy vehicle truck licence
  • Heavy vehicle familiarisation
  • Defensive driving for teenage and experienced drivers
  • SAFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving)

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED)

SAFED is a full one day, off the job driver development course. It teaches safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques through a combination of theoretical and practical exercises.

Allied Concrete's SAFED programme provides training and development for existing drivers through training and coaching to enhance the driver's knowledge of fuel-efficient driving techniques and to discuss issues. Benefits of the programme include a reduction in the use of fuel, reduced vehicle crashes and vehicle running costs, improved driving standards, improved road safety and improved health and well being.

Since the course started, there has been over 262 concrete staff complete the programme. The programme consists of two presentations and two separate drives over a selected route. During the drives, the amount of fuel burnt is measured, gear changes are counted and the time to complete the course is recorded. Comparing the differences between the runs can see improvements as significant as 19% fuel saved, 51% fewer gear changes and can see the 2nd drive completed by up to 4 minutes quicker.

A case study from six drivers that completed the SAFED programme in Rotorua and Taupo collectively made fuel savings of 36.9%, a massive 257 fewer gear changes, and went around the 32-kilometre course 15 minutes quicker.