Environmental Product Declaration

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In 2014 Allied Concrete made a conscious decision to start measuring CO² emissions and became the first organisation in Australasia to produce an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Since this first EPD was issued we have seen a reduction in CO² emissions by 23.5%*

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable data and other relevant environmental information about the life-cycle environmental impact of a product. EPD’s allow manufacturers to report quantified environmental performance information for their products.

All EPDs registered with EPD Australasia Limited are publicly available and mutually recognised within the International EPD® System, ensuring global alignment and broad market visibility.


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Allied Concrete's EPD has been prepared in accordance with ISO 14025: 2006, EN 15804: 2013, EN 16757: 2017 (CEN, 2017), and PCR 2012:01 (International EPD® System; 2018). In addition, it meets the requirements of The International EPD® System (2015) and EPD Australasia (2017).

The EPD covers pump and standard grades of Normal ready mixed concrete at compressive strengths between 17.5 MPa, 50 MPa, and special ready mixed concrete at 50 MPa, produced in accordance with NZS 3104: 2003 at batching plants illustrated within the EPD.

  • Have a cradle to gate system boundary (see the LCA Calculation section) because other stages are very dependent on particular scenarios and are better developed for specific building or construction works.
  • EPD of construction products may not be comparable if they do not comply with the requirements of comparability set in EN 15804: 2013. EPDs within the same product category but from different programmes may not be comparable.
  • Are averages by compressive strength, weighted by volumes produced at batching plants covered by this EPD during the twelve months of 2017.
  • Are representative of Allied Concrete batching plants wholly supplied in 2017 by Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd cement.
  • Are not representative of ready mixed concrete from any other Allied Concrete batching plants.

 Green Star Compliance

Because this EPD is product-specific and meets the following criteria is it is recognised by Green Star (New Zealand).

  • Cradle to gate system
  • Is EN15804-compliant
  • Third party-verified