SuperSlab+: Transforming Foundations for Sustainable Construction


This proven solution, released last year, continues to revolutionise foundation construction, offering architects, homeowners, and builders alike a reliable, eco-conscious option for their projects.

Unmatched Performance

SuperSlab+ has already established itself as a leader in performance. Developed through a collaboration between Allied Concrete and QuickSet, this solution delivers edge-insulated concrete foundations that surpass industry standards. Its exceptional thermal performance ensures warmth, dryness, and durability, making it a trusted choice for any project.

Certified Quality

Backed by certifications from CodeMark and BRANZ, SuperSlab+ upholds rigorous quality standards. Meeting the latest R-value requirements according to the H1 building code, it guarantees year-round comfort and stability for your space. With SuperSlab+, you can rest assured that your foundation is built to last.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

SuperSlab+ isn't just about performance – it's about sustainability. By integrating technologies like Ecrete™ and QPOD™, it reduces environmental impact without compromising on quality. SuperSlab+ embodies Allied Concrete's commitment to a greener future for construction.

Navigating H1 Changes Made Easy

Navigating building codes is effortless with SuperSlab+. Allied Concrete ensures compliance with H1 changes, tailoring solutions to your specific needs. Whether you're in Zone 1 or Zone 6, with or without underfloor heating, SuperSlab+ provides a reliable, energy-efficient foundation for your project.

Take the Next Step

Join the movement towards sustainable construction with SuperSlab+. Discover its proven benefits and elevate your project to new heights. Contact our team to learn more about this established solution and how it can enhance your construction experience.


Explore the proven benefits of SuperSlab+ now: Allied Concrete SuperSlab+


With SuperSlab+, the future of foundation construction is here. Choose reliability, sustainability, and performance with Allied Concrete's SuperSlab+.