Relationships Make Hard Easy

Leighs Construction & Allied Concrete - B:Hive Smales Farm - Commercial Concrete Supplier | Allied Concrete

Strong relationships between Allied Concrete and Leighs Construction benefit B:HIVE Smales Farm Project on Auckland’s North Shore.

Allied Concrete believe the key to achieving successful project outcomes is by engaging clients in the early stages of project planning and fostering strong working relationships.

Regular communication between Leighs Construction, our Dispatch team and Auckland Sales Manager, Glen Ayson, ensured the supply and delivery of large quantities of concrete required met specification, expectation and aligned with Leighs project plan throughout Allied’s involvement in the B:HIVE project.

Allied Concrete has a talented and experienced Technical team, highlighted by the many achievements and industry awards they have received in recent years. Our Technical team is always available and has been involved throughout the B:HIVE Smales Farm project to attend site meetings, prepare mix design letters for engineers and attend concrete pours on site.

It has been a great opportunity for Allied Concrete to be a part of the B:HIVE Smales Farm project with Leighs Construction, as this is the first building in New Zealand to be designed under the principles of the International Wellness Standard, creating a positive, healthy environment for employees. Allied Concrete is looking forward to working with Leighs Construction in the future to deliver more high quality projects.