Envirocon Product Stewardship Scheme

The New Zealand ready mix concrete industry generates an estimated 260,000 tonnes of waste concrete each year. That’s enough to build seven sky towers. Allied Concrete has joined industry partners in a new environmental initiative aimed to reduce this waste stream.

The Envirocon product stewardship scheme is accredited by the Minister for the Environment under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. The Scheme provides a sustainable end of life management solution for waste ready mix concrete.

The Scheme is the first and only accredited scheme for the construction industry.

The Minister for the Environment and Building and House, Hon. Dr Nick Smith formally launched the Scheme at an event held at Eden Park on Thursday to representatives from central and local government, industry, and construction organisations.

Upcycling is a key principle of the Envirocon Scheme. Upcycling is about using waste products to produce value added goods. Envirocon achieves this by capturing wet concrete and turning it into the unique Interbloc modular wall system. Through upcycling, Envirocon can half the inflation of disposal costs by creating more efficient collection systems, thereby helping to create a more sustainable construction industry. The Ministry for the Environment is also providing almost half a million dollars in funding form the Waste Minimisation Fund to create this world first technology.

Envirocon is a collaboration of some of New Zealand’s leading ready mix concretes brands, Allied Concrete is proud to be a foundation member. The involvement of members is purely voluntary, and testament to their commitment to sustainable growth and local communities. Developers, constructors, designers, and regulators can support the Envirocon Scheme by supporting its members.