I already have my slab designed; can I change it to READY Floor to make savings?

Yes. The customer can replace the crack controlling reinforcing using READY Floor. 
Use the READY Floor calculator online to calculate savings and generate a specification document that contains the information you need to design and build your READY Floor.

The READY Floor mix is pumpable but pump operators sometimes don’t like pumping fibres, why is this different?

It’s likely the pump operator’s previous experience has been on mix designed with a higher fibre content. The READY Floor mix has been designed to be pumpable.

I thought one of the advantages of READY Floor was that it didn’t need to be pumped, why is that?

Because READY Floor replaces crack control mesh it is possible for the truck to drive right onto the site to pour its READY Floor straight out of the bowl because there is no mesh to run over. 
This is another potential saving as you don’t have to hire a pump. Don’t forget to leave one end of boxing open!

Can fibres on the surface be a problem?

Yes however if the recommended placing and finishing process is followed it should prevent fibres from being visible on the surface.

With READY Floor will there be any difference in curing time?


If I am changing to a READY Floor can I use the same MPa concrete or does this increase?

Yes you can use the same MPa concrete.

Is it a special fibre and how much do I use?

READY Floor has been developed using a fibre known as Dramix READY, Allied Concrete will know how much to use.

Can I switch to READY Floor when mesh has been specified?

Yes. You can replace the crack control mesh with READY Floor.

How much can I save when using READY Floor?

Our estimates are around 20% savings of total floor cost; use our READY Floor Calculator to work out how much you could save.

If I wanted to polish my floor can I still use READY Floor?

We would recommend you create samples or consider a polished speciality concrete.

I am having under floor heating installed in my slab; can I still do this with READY Floor?


Does the use of rapid hardeners which are sometimes used in concrete affect READY Floor?

No more than standard concrete.

Can any builder construct a READY Floor?

Yes, any qualified builder is able to construct a READY Floor. Follow the easy steps on Laying a READY Floor.

Is READY Floor Certified?

Yes, READY Floor is BRANZ appraised and CodeMark Certified. To View certificates, visit the Technical Resources section.