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Environmental Product Declaration

In 2014 Allied Concrete made a conscious decision to start measuring emissions and released an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Since this first EPD was issued we have seen a reduction in CO² emissions by 23.5%*

This “declaration” is independently verified and enables Allied Concrete to declare the full environmental impact of our product, from water use, energy, waste and CO² generation for all of our concretes made with Holcim Cement.

The EPD allows benchmarking of all our plants for measures such as waste volumes of concrete, fuel use, water consumption and energy use, all normalised to a cubic meter of concrete, allowing us to apply best practice across the entire Allied Concrete national network.

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We aim to minimise the use of resources, and energy, every day. We are very conscious of our environmental impact and take our obligations to care for the environment in which we live and work very seriously. We are on a continuous journey to improve our work practices and widen our contribution to a sustainable business and community environment.


We continue to be mindful that the work we do could harm the environment if we do not operate efficiently. To this end, we continue to monitor sites and carry out regular audits to ensure all sites are compliant and are meeting all resource consent conditions.

Our concrete plants recycle wastewater and use it for washing down yards and as mix water for concrete production.


Allied Concrete partnered with 3R to use unwanted paint in our concrete as a replacement for air entrainer.

3R joined forces with Resene to develop innovative solutions for turning waste paint once destined for landfills into a useful ingredient in cementitious applications.

Designated Resene ColorShops collect unwanted paint as part of the Resene PaintWise service.

Envirocon Product Stewardship Scheme

Allied Concrete is proud to be a founding member of Envirocon.
The Scheme provides a sustainable end of life management solution for waste ready mix concrete and is the first and only accredited scheme for the construction industry.

Envirocon was launched in Auckland and has generated significant reductions in waste concrete. Collected concrete is stabilised and delivered to a central processing point where it is re-used for concrete blocks. The block product is then used nationally or exported offshore where it is used in commercial and infrastructure projects.

Following initial learnings, Envirocon has been rolled out to many other collections points across Auckland, Waikato and Canterbury.

Synthetic Mobil Lubricants

In 2017 the entire Allied Concrete fleet was converted to Synthetic Mobil lubricants. The result was a reduction in pollution while improving fuel efficiency.

During trials, we received a 3-4% annual fuel savings. Allied Concrete has since changed over its large fleet of 400 trucks to use Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W 30, a fully synthetic engine oil, and associated synthetic drivetrain oils.

In addition, Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis has helped with preventative maintenance and has allowed Allied Concrete to optimise the drain intervals, which will reduce engine oil use and therefore waste oil by over 50%.

Allied Concrete was recognised for the successful trial and implementation
of the bypass filtration systems and synthetic lubricants and received the ‘Champion of Change 2018’ Sustainability Award from Downer Soletanche Bachy Joint Venture (DSBJV) for work on Auckland's City Rail Link Contract 1 (C1).