Growing following for low-carbon concrete mix


At Allied Concrete, we continue to focus on reducing concrete’s environmental impacts and improving efficiency.


Ecrete™ is a revolutionary concrete mix engineered to reduce carbon impact without compromising on strength and durability. Our cutting-edge formula incorporates various methods, including the use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), lower-carbon cement made in New Zealand, sustainable aggregate sourcing, and other initiatives. These methods are location-dependent and may change the features and benefits of Ecrete™ depending on the mix design you are getting.


By-products from other industrial processes that would otherwise go to waste are incorporated into the concrete mix,  enhancing the performance and durability of Ecrete™ but also supporting circular economic principles by repurposing valuable resources.


Ecrete™ is ideal for buildings that require reduced carbon footprints, such as green-certified buildings and environmentally conscious residential developments.


Since its introduction, Ecrete™ has been increasingly popular among our clients who are looking for sustainable building solutions. Its adoption is growing as more builders and developers become aware of its benefits.


The first building in the South Island to use Ecrete™ is a new four-level office building owned by property investment company Portus at 211 High St in Christchurch’s CBD. The sustainable concrete solution means the building’s overall embodied carbon will be lower and its carbon emissions will be significantly reduced, compared with those built from traditional concrete and steel construction.


Other notable projects using Ecrete™ include Te Kaha Multi-Use Arena, Waimea Dam, and a retirement village being built by Metlifecare.


For further information on Ecrete™:

Nick Gifford, Allied Concrete, 027 260 7806, [email protected].